Two thousand light years ago,there lived a protagonist lost and severely in vexation…That’s what she remembered.


I could not sleep throughout that night. For what possible reason,I could not really fathom.As ancient and as paranoid one’s mind could be imparted with age,mine was only as minuscule as so. The night was ever so accumulated with impermeable thoughts. Not even the purest being could avenge itself in the monotonous darkness,what more can I? A mere mortal I was,with no withstanding motions grasp of reality. I gathered dexterous forces within me ,to fight the crusade against my internal being. Although,it might be prudent to say the animosity I was adjacent to would be none other than me.. Indeed, I speak with utmost veracity. Of course,in the universe that I had created and lived as my own,mental derangement was thought to be invigorating.

There were those whom desired to vanquish my one known vigor,but somehow, I’ve always believed that none could ever truly decipher me.

Allow me to unravel the inquisitions.Those foolish men were the doctors.In a far more relinquished world,those men were sought for guidance and assistance to be in control of lives which they, by the teachings of religions, had no rights over.The doctors were paid extravagantly to cure me of my illness.Regrettably,the only thing I ever learned from their various ‘treatments’ was to never engage or surpass myself between the fake smiles and cares. They have never truly cared.

The hospital,or rather,my home for a period of 29 years,was a place of darkness.Incoherent it is.The pure subtleness might get infatuated with your mind,until the real prodigies tell you the truth about the place. I myself vaguely remember it as an impeccable place of solidarity when I first arrived,for the walls whispered of wisdom. Nevertheless,I learned that it was just an exquisite mask to fool innocents,not unlike myself.Yes,I was an innocent child,but that was it.I was innocent,not anymore.




2 thoughts on “Schizophrenia

  1. Beautiful writing sis, as always.
    With the help of google dictionary, i tried to understand as much as i can, =D
    and from what i understand, its really solid….
    Any plan for a novel sis? This is a great concept for 1….

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