This is a letter to you.

You used to hold deep breaths,so afraid of letting go.

There were times of so much pain,you didn’t know how to not notice it blacking your eyes.

You kept on with the journey,because you didn’t know you knew how to stop.

Because at that moment,or at times when you failed to see pass..when you realised the pain of the people you loved most cut you deeper than yours ever could.

When infinity made you feel empty…

You broke through.

It seemed you missed a light hovering over you,refusing to fade.

You read from it;

You cannot choose where you come from,but you do get to choose where you can get to.

That moment,when you know you’re not a sad story.

That wouldn’t fix everything,though,it might help you to put back the little pieces.

Looking pass the infinity now,when forever used to threaten to kill..

You see it.

You feel it.

That’s just how I feel.

Infinity isn’t as horrible as one might think it.

In truth,when you embrace the possibility,

You can devour the essence of eternity

For you did not realise you were one short second away from the extraordinary.

Because after all,we are infinite.

2 thoughts on “Infinite.

  1. This is FANTASTIC sis!!
    Beautiful writing,
    and a very good point…..
    i like the last four lines sis….
    U’re really very wise for ur age sis!…. 😀

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