good_and_evilGood Evening, Welcome.

I’ll get started now, shall I? Alright then.

Time heals, and time is The Hell. My therapist told me that.

I am not a maniac,just a hypocrite.

What worries me mortifies you, and what scares you leaves me indifferent.

There is no way to getting around it.

Come along into my Hell, I’ll show you around the place.

Careful now, the metaphors might confuse you.

There’s the living room, right there, and no, Haha, they’re not actually living in the literal sense of word.

We have a kitchen over the back, but I wouldn’t go there right now, it gets a little intimidating after 3.

Oh! the backyard is almost done, but it’s a bit uphill, you wouldn’t mind too much, would you?

Oh good, I’d never take you for a weakling, or perhaps that would be easier,no? Hahaa

Watch out for the stones,  they’re especially made for stoning, makes it simpler, you see, so that the other stones could have a breath of guilt-free oblivion.

Oh dear! My apologies, the  grasses are rather forlorn, are they not? No matter, there is always someone deemed responsible, or shall I say the more appropriate ‘doomed’ ? Hahaaaha.

Look, we’re almost there now, but before that, just for a moment here, listen to me;

Possibilities lie akin to only what we know best and feel at home about.

The truth?

The lies?

Think about it.

You’ve tried for so many years,                                                                                                                         enveloping what may occur and what may not. Since then,try thinking of what occurs without the realm of possibility.Maybe just once.

The dumb worth of selflessness,

It’s a rather annoying situation, so save it.

The sureality? Save it.

I’m almost sure of what I talk about. So almost sure.

Alright then,

See that brown patch? My tombstone used to be there. He took it away, you know who I speak of?

Yes, I got quite upset at first, but it was for the best, so I allowed him.

You needn’t look that horrified, not when you were not with me all this while.

We can suffer together, or maybe tie that suffering to the goddamned grasses and keep moving on.

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