The Dame


The dame had forgotten the skeleton castle. As she saw, there was a hint of bellowing wind, but no amount of comrades were enough to pass off the lying despicables mounted on the castle roof. Because of what happens when the dame dies, her skeletons were not promised to the castle.She too,were a survivor, two times over and much benign arose from what remained of her, though,none questioned the speculations.

The dame vowed to return to the skeleton castle, and so she did, when her death reminded her. She chocked and gasped for breath in the castle’s thick fog, because she believed crying is not a tool to show weakness,it is one of relief. The dame lived with her thoughts alone and so she almost drove herself insane, that was how much the despicables clouded her desolation. She thought herself to be nothing but of vile shadows.

Days passed ways as they were supposed to. The dame took her medicated journey through the castle with every single one of them. The skeleton castle was bright of shine with polished skeletons, and it was cold. So very cold. You would shiver,like the dame did, but you would not scream,like she did.

Twenty years in the castle, she almost gave permission for her skeletons. Almost.

Roaming and moaning around the castle,chasing after her own death, the dame had no effect on the polished skeletons, which were, to be honest, were the life and soul of the skeleton castle. Obviously.

Soon, the skeletons probed her  life. The skeletons began to live with wonder for they cleared the dame’s conscience. With that, the dame’s shadow grew light. The shadow arose from within the dame, The shadow took a glance of the dame, The shadow found her worthless and The shadow made itself no more, much to the surprise of the skeletons.

The dame lost her soul with her shadow. The skeletons helped carry her throughout the castle for another twenty years, but then,by then, the skeletons lost hope for the dame. They threw her out of the topmost tower and never looked back.

The skeletons, with the help of the lying
shadow, found another being worth to be made amusement of for the next forty years.

The dame had been reincarnated.

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