Not A Brilliant Mind

Mind-Mastery-Cogs-I cannot read, nor can I calculate.

I see matter with obvious sincerity, but I do not reciprocate.

I do not initiate and I do not end.

I pulse through.

He got her name and made to do with her age. The lighting did not suit the situation, so he ran away.

What is it that you do when you cannot find…anything? It really is astonishingly awkward. Perhaps you’ll visualize memory loss because that is logic. Logic dictates normality a dictator manipulated them to be. But that’s fine, because it is accepted by most and changing shapes to fit is important. That is cognitive learning at its most basic.

Wait a moment.

So Ben was 32. He works part time and has fondness over key chains. Ben was mutilated as a child. As a child. The revenge upon that was taken onto him was the worst in mankind’s history. Really, I recorded it.

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