Was it what you really wanted? To wake up?

The nice ones, they’ve seen pain and they’ve known it.

They’ve laid side by side with it and inhaled the same air with it.

So close, you’d think they were the closest of friends.

To feel potent love and deep pain, the embodiment of human soul.

The concluding sentence; the threat of being far too overwhelmed to compensate matters of  what you have not.

To make things as they are, in their own paradigm.

Ought I feel guilt for my own liberty?

I’ve seen the screaming eyes, that I was vain enough to think that I understood.

Blind faith.

Have You known the pain those helpless endure?

How about that racket of emotions when You know what You’re doing is so incredibly sickening?

What do You tell yourself to keep you sane?

What do You tell yourself to keep moving on?

What did You do to alleviate the guilt?

How long till it gets difficult to breathe?

How long till it becomes entirely too painful?

How long till it all breaks?

Tell me now, what are You doing?

Why do You do what You do.

What possible reason could You have?

A purpose? or just malice.



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