Look At Me Now


Stop hiding, stop pretending, stop it all.

Where is my right? My passion,my Heart.

What have you done to me that it made me stop seeing.

Where do I stand now that everything is done for.

What do I look at now, tell me. I am unable to feel anymore, you see.

I scratch and tear, but nothing is here.

The wider scheme of perspective lied to me.

I took it places where no one knew existed, and it came willingly with me.

I vomited drops of blood and it brought a bucket for me.

Where do you stand now that you can’t see the sky anymore.

It was supposed to be there, but it lied so well, I could almost imagine it right here with me,hugging my heart and striking a note with my hair.

Stop slamming the door. That is going to haunt me for my eternity.

Your screams, your lies, your eyes, I have never seen a weapon so sharp.

Pierced right through my heart it did, and I fixed it back up all nice and light.

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