It truly is about the insanity of having something so powerful to you..or to the ones whom you’ve perceived as vital to your being.

It’s so easy to get immersed into the life-like projection.

Not knowing,or perhaps,too afraid to know, going that deep would end so badly,for you,I’m sure,will probably never live through it.

That’s what Sam knew.

Sam had the knowledge of ingenuity.

Sam understood that to survive,a line must be drawn.

Making full use of the consequence that brought an entire new dimension,a kingdom was made. The father,he was right there when it took form,he looked after the kingdom as if it were his child.With twice the number of luxuries he made,twice became the number of his arrogance. He was a king that deemed history speechless.The father knew not how to stop,and he didn’t know why he ever should.

As he passed through the dawn of ages,he began to see. He dreamed of a figuring he didn’t comprehend. As he led his warriors through dimensions he was not supposed to intrude,he began to build a wider domain.He swam in the glory of gore,The blood of warriors were his fragrance of life and he took a deep,deep breath.As such was his obsession.

Alas,only the smallest of division of men knew the King’s unyielding determination for power, A lust that one day might destroy them all. Though they understood,none had the competence nor the courage to confront the King,and so he went on,annihilating anyone whom defied and eradicating anything that stood his way.

When the splendour deemed enough for the King,he stopped.It wasn’t due to his contentment,but the haunting of the uncomprehended figuring that slowly formed into a monstrosity in his mind as ages went by. The King knew not how to thwart it. He slowly sank into an insanity streak.

You see,once the King reached his definition of the ultimatum of core existance; possessing supremacy, he couldn’t get any further.  The figuring that chased him to procure such rapacity existed for only that. By achieving the extremity of power,the King had nowhere else to act his obsession upon..with that, his sole soul began fading.

Sam went insane.

It’s the sharpest Sam had felt in ages.

Sam stalled.

Every detail matters now and Sam sees every thread of it.

The inch of a second is monumentally fictious.

Yet,Sam feels the eternity of it.

The need to know and to understand is overwhelmingly confunding to Sam.

Sam was the King’s shadow.

Sam has always been his shadow and Sam will always be his shadow.

So,the next time, Sam will know where to draw the line.

2 thoughts on “Obsession.

  1. Nice writing sis, but there are sme points that i x paham skit, v discuss when v meet sis…

    It’s good to c u continue writing sis! looking forward to ur next one… 😀

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